Saturday, January 14, 2012

White tiger, Black Swan and the honest politician

Swans were only believed to be "white" in colour, until the first black swan was spotted. Now, we know they exist, though one does not see them even once in a lifetime. White tigers though, not that rare, are still a rarity in most parts of the world and inspire awe at the first sight.

Honest politicians, the world over are being reported to go extinct or are the endangered species (of course, there are a few in each country who keep things going, thankfully).
Well, there are protection laws in place in most parts of the world to help the endangered species survive this madness. Makes one wonder, how we protect our honest politicians and help the society breed more of this kind. How could you separate the eligibility and success criteria from the one that is prevalent today?

While most nations give their citizens a right to exercise their franchise, the motivation for the right kind of people to join local politics and make it a career, needs to be worked upon. The limited talent pool is serenaded by the big multinationals and the bureaucracy, with politics perhaps not even being considered as an option for the young and dynamic. The process of joining a political party in itself should be boiled down to radically simple steps (equivalent to web registrations to set up an email) and a 'sense of pride' needs to be created. Easier said than done.

Given the age of Internet, social media and digital technology that we live in, it would not be too far a shot, to say candidates who contest polls from within a party be chosen basis how "likeable" a person is (sans the big tours and public show of strength).

There could be days of parties without 'offices' (remember the recent Arab spring) and permanent members; politics will win, so will the nation and its people. Over to the black swans now.


  1. Great read. I would like Facebook to introduce an option "unlike" given the surge in online hate camps that sieve out socially hostile politicians or any other personality/organization!

  2. Thanks Deb for your time and review. Can relate to the feeling in your comment. I'd written this article with focus on "how to have more of the rare occurences (honest politicians)", while discouraging the wrong ones could be another approach to a similar end. Maybe they work better together.