Thursday, January 26, 2012

This ain't no good-bye!

This ain’t no good-bye!
Good-bye, I wouldn't bid
Lest, I be outbid.
Ain't certain about Hasta pronto,
although we could.

Fare-well, touchwood;
Howbeit, I leave for good.
On the road to my destiny,
As one always should.

My parting parlance ain't set;
Now now, not yet;
For, we may meet again,
I can almost bet.

If our paths should cross through;
and I sure hope they do,
I deem you want to meet a wiser me.
I wish to meet a  newer you.

I'd bow, my Namaste perfect;
And with that, a lot of respect,
million thanks and a load of wishes;
To my peer and prefect.
                               - Niranjan Rao

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