Monday, January 9, 2012

What if this wasn't the case?

"What if this wasn't the case?", is a pretty handy question to ask at most situations, if not all. Depending on when you ask this, and who you ask this to (yourself or others), it could work in various ways, for instance, it could either motivate you to do something or could instantly bring in humility. It is a great leveller, and works everytime.

Let's just say, you won a million bucks from sweep stakes; or achieved that dream of yours and ask yourself this question. It could work as a great reality check and ensure you don't get carried away in the moment. Now, let's flip the scenario and say, you're depressed or have failed at something important. Asking yourself this question"what if this wasn't the case?", suddenly changes the focus from failure to "next steps" or solution. Also, you could get inspired by visualizing scenarios of how you can be successful and pretty much be planning to take another shot, having learnt from the failure.

If you'd ask the question when you're brain storming to come up with cheaper and better ways of doing things, it could just open up possibilities by challenging status-quo with all might. A seemingly simple question "what if this wasn't the case?" could turn the situation on its head, and hence of great use for change or innovation. It could particularly prove useful in testing of hypotheses, until all possible scenarios are identified.

Ofcourse, you could overuse and keep asking yourself the question a lot of times, which would then lead you away from the situation at hand and perhaps induce long spells of day dreaming (:-), which is what one needs to watch out for. Because, like all good tools it could only help if used in the intended manner. What if this wasn't the case?

It could also plant in feelings of gratitude and happiness, if asked once every morning. A great start to each day, indeed. Now, what if this wasn't the case?

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