Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Thank God, it's a Wednesday!


Week after week, it happens.
Every Monday goes looking back more than ahead;
Day that follows, goes in planning for the week that is.
Next comes Wednesday, when you live (in) the present.
Ending Thursday, I plan for the week next;
Saturday is for friends and family, Friday goes planning for this.
Don’t disturb me on Sunday, coz it’s “me-time”
All week goes by, before one could spell “Wednesday”
You then wait for what’s coming up.

 And then, I realize
how, when I’m at the top of my game,
on a song, do more and get closer to my goal;
yes, it’s always a Wednesday!

1. Research proves that people are most productive during the middle of the week. Wednesday, in particular has that special aura around it, it's the exact middle of the week, when one doesn't look back too much and doesn't plan future a lot. Wednesday is about living in the present, executing the plan, with the re-assurance that there is still a good part of the week left to finish what one has begun. It's the closest one can get to Nirvana/a neutral mindframe in the week long madness, that engulfs a lot of us these days. Thank God, it's a Wednesday. Enjoy your Wednesday!
2. An acrostic is a poem which spells out a word or idea (in this case, WEDNESDAY Ahoy!).


  1. good one. ya, i agree it seems like wednesday is the day we tend to do more work..

  2. Yes, and if it's something we like doing, we'd typically see a lot of progress middle of the week...