Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How to put UP, when you're DOWN!

We always put up with life; it's ups and downs. Didn't want this to be a gospel or the "how to series", instead quick 3 simple tips that really help you put UP, when you're down.

HOW TO PUT 'UP', WHEN YOU'RE "DOWN". Here goes...

1. Dress UP - There are so many days, that we dress up for friends, bosses, colleagues, the special ones, spouses, kids, business, media or others, in general. The days you got to dress UP for yourself should the ones when you're down. Try it...wear your favourite shirt or your lucky t-shirt (or your fav perfume), dress a couple of notches up than your normal day. It can instantly change your mood and help you put UP, when you're down.

2. Talk with 2 friends who you haven't kept in touch with lately - and don't raise your concern if you think not. Instead just catch up; 2 or 3 things could happen...He/ she could tell you something that you cheer you up, like what happened with other friends, the latest movie release, the restaurant he/ she's been to and the banter. He/ she could talk about why they're feeling down right now (which you could empathize with or do something about - and lo, you get your mojo back). OR nothing could happen, but a GOOD nothing - you would've caught up with a friend.

3. Watch a comedy  (needn't be a film if you don't have the time) - A short video downloaded/ streamed from the internet would suffice. Whoever said laughing makes you happy, didn't perhaps know HOW right he/ she was and how this could help you put up, when you're down.

And here's the bonus (coz you read through :) - SMILE WITHOUT A REASON! It not just makes your day, but the day of others around you and you would've shown others how to put UP when you're DOWN.

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