Sunday, January 27, 2013

Convert adversity into OPPORTUNITY!

A certain amount of opposition is of great help to a man. Kites rise against, not with the wind - John Neal.

Adversity or difficult times are often feared, dreaded; the mere mention of it gets people worried. We're most comfortable when things happen as per OUR plan, coz we think we know what's best for us. May not be the truth always.

Adversity needn't be that phobia inducing circumstance, if you change the lens you view it with.

How many times haven't we turned back to look at adversity, our difficult times (yes, and all of us have been through them) and thought that definitely has taught something. I'm better off today since I went through that period of adversity.

We've also heard of inspiring stories: JK Rowling lived on welfare with a dependent child before creating the Harry Potter franchise. Before founding  Walmart, Sam Walton milked cows and sold newspaper subscriptions. Henry Ford was broke 5 times before he started Ford Motor Company. We would never have heard of 'Honda', if Soichiro Honda had got the job he wanted, of an engineer at Toyota. And remember, India wouldn't be a free nation, if Mahatma Gandhi thought it is difficult to convince half a billion Indians then, to fight for independence, but through non-violence in the face of severe oppression.

So, if and when, you're going through rough waters, look at what is going on FROM A DISTANCE. Take yourself out of the picture. See what you can do about it, what you can learn from it. And more importantly, Opportunity often comes disguised as Adversity. Look deep & look hard to find yours.

Adversity is like waves in the sea and need to be taken in the same spirit, like a surfer doesn't worry about them and uses them to keep surfing, to go higher, farther, faster.

Adversity is the gift that's not packed properly, but what's in it is invaluable. OPPORTUNITY!

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