Friday, December 2, 2011

Fail well. Fail successfully.

Failing is inevitable, every once in a while. Fail well. Fail successfully!

Success is kind of over rated in our society; we are trained to succeed, we are expected and paid to succeed. Yet, one can't win "all" and remain sane. Spare a moment for the less-celebrated twin. Imagine if there is no failure interspersed, consistent success would create monsters, out of otherwise nice people. Success is a transitionary phase on the path which more often than not presents failure, yet another transitionary phase in itself. So, if failure is inevitable, we'd rather fail well.

Failure is an unintended outcome of a process merely, and not necessarily a "bad" outcome always. In fact, some unintended or accidental results of experiments (read failures) have resulted in phenomenal success either instantly or at a different time. Penicillin, plastic, our beloved Coca cola, this tiny engineering marvel which beats like the heart (pacemaker) are all results of failed experiments. Thank god for those failures (which failed well).

While at it, let's not look forward to failing. By all means, let's expect everything we do to succeed, but be more tolerant and respective of failure, when that happens; more importantly, not be afraid of it. Let's be a sport and take it in our stride (remember when you're playing against worthy opponents, like you do when you take on life, fate, your dreams or other people, the probability of success is not 100% ever). Fail often. Fail well. Keep failing until you succeed.

The best ofcourse is to remain neutral to, and stay unaffected by success or failure, but alas, only the best amongst men (as in people) can do that. Hence, let's take the easier alternative of embracing failure, accepting the fact that things don't necessarily pan out the way we intended (always) and make peace with the situation, and may I say - celebrate failure! For what is failing well, if we can't enjoy being taught by the best teacher there is, take a deep breath, introspect (as to what could've been done differently) and carry on the journey. And, round the corner lies success, waiting for you take the next bend on the road. (Hurray! I failed). Fail well. Fail successfully.


  1. Hi,

    This is a life message put in simple terms... You actually made such a powerful thought with a simple distinction...
    Yes, often people run behind success... though the focus yet remain this subject but often fail to appreciate the failure as a step towards success... It is heard and unheard many a times that many leaders share only their success stories, most authors show interest to write how to be succeeded, be it every walk of life and whoever we come across mostly in this journey are preachers of success than preparers to manage failure... and very few to consider that a failure is making you inch closer to the success... a good perspective of failures makes you think of adversaries and better prepared for the game of life...

    Hey... just realized that how good and thought provoking your write up is... you made me to attempt my first ever response on this blog. Thank you and keep blogging the mind boggling way...


  2. Nice blog. Gives me courage to face the failure with whole heartedly...

  3. Don't run behind success, Success should run behind You @Anonymous