Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fifties is the new thirties!

Fifties definitely seem to be the new thirties. Look at all the movie stars, the "young CEO's" and the like; chances are quite a few of them are nearing their fifties, with a few on the wrong side of it too. Increased self-awareness, the interest to keep oneself in top shape and ofcourse, medical advances are clearly helping the determined lot, to look and feel good.

This is great news because people are leading more active lifestyles than before, exploring outdoors more frequently, finding hobbies and doing the things that they've always wanted to do. Atleast when you look at cities in the world (the rural landscapes in the emerging and under-developed economies may tell a different story though). Not just are these folks delaying the ageing process but are finding more meaning, given they're accomplishing more with the same time in hand. Fifties hurrah!

While fifties may be the new thirties, the reverse may also be true. Thirties is indeed (and fast) becoming the new fifties from a healthcare perspective, rather unfortunately. The number of people who're suffering strokes in their thirties just seems to increase by the day, a lot more people in their thirties complain of stress and anxiety related to it, and other lifestyle diseases.

In a way, the new divide between people seems to be "healthy" and the "not-so"; and this gap seems to widen each passing year.

For the cricket fans amongst us, the new format of the game (read T20) actually records the number of times a batsman scores a "30", instead of "50" as recorded all this while in more traditional formats of the game.

Well, then; herald the new equation:

Fifties is the new thirties. Thirties is the new fifties.