Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bouncing back

When life drops you; it only wants to see you bounce back, higher. Bouncing back each time one gets dropped is what separates 'winners' from the rest.

While there are quite a few factors to achieve success, in whatever it is that you're after, the 'one' that is most important is - perseverance. Bouncing back and keeping at it, when you're NOT at your best, is what has gotten results to each one, every single time that (s)he has yearned for anything.

Life could get rough, real tough at times and the goal you've set could appear distant. When that happens, don't waste time procrastinating or cursing your luck, because that is what it really is - waste of time. Instead, start bouncing back from that very moment you fall (or fail), to get the headstart and gain momentum. There will be better times to rest. Now's the time to be bouncing back.

Collect all you've got, analyze the situation and by all means, make course corrections where warranted, and bounce back. Take advice from friends, learn from your experience and others', think  and be positive, work harder and you're sure to be bouncing back. Sounds simple, but not easy without your perseverance, that is.

Be a leader. Lead your life to the greatness it deserves. Bouncing back, each time you fall.


  1. A very inspirational write up.A reprogramming of our negative thoughts and a never say die attitude will undoubtedly bring us success.I am sure ,many will bounce back higher after reading your blog.

  2. very well written. I agree with you. I can attest
    to that personally. reminds me of the 2001 recession :-)

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