Friday, December 23, 2011

Being happy is a choice!

You could be glad, mad or sad at anything or anyone at anytime. Choose to be happy because being happy is a choice you make, it is a state of mind.

Most often we think of happiness as the "prize" we win after achieving a goal, conquering the enemy, accomplishing that big project, meeting that deadline and so on; while happiness is actually the fuel in your vehicle that takes you to these successes. It may seem like a paradox, but you don't get happiness when you succeed,, being happy helps you succeed. In other words, happiness preceeds success always. If that's not the case, it is just an accident and accidents don't happen all the time (thankfully).

Happy people make the most of their time and life, can be more determined, are more respectful of others, show gratitude and appreciate, celebrate and share, and are generally more optimistic of results and hence, they do more and expect nicer things. Now, that sounds like the recipe of success itself.

You don't need to be trained in psychology to figure a happy person when you see one. He or she radiates that feeling and guess what, it is infectious too. You'd like to hang around with these guys more often that not, coz they make you happy also.

It must've been said a zillion times earlier that life is about choices. The biggest choice anyone needs to make on how they lead their lives though, seems to be between being happy or not, more dependent on you than the situation. And the choice we make can take us on totally different paths which don't seem to cross, unless ofcourse we change course mid-way, in our minds that is.

Every situation, any day and each moment presents you with the choice. Choose to be happy!
Now and always.


  1. I'm happy to have made a choice of reading this...

  2. I am feeling happy after reading this blog.You are right ,nothing can guarantee us happiness in the world except "we" ourselves.

    1. Every thing is fake in this world even the smiles which comes on our faces because people like to be what they are not supposed to be and the pretend that they are like the best one in this world. Every one should accept the reality which creates a lovable bond in relations so be real not the statue.

  3. How true........ 'Happiness is actually the fuel in your vehicle that takes you to these successes'....This part is well written.

  4. "Happy people make the most of their time and life, can be more determined, are more respectful of others . . ."

    You are so right! I once worked with a woman who told me that I was 'much too happy.' That comment startled me. How can anyone be too happy?

    Happiness is a choice and I am delighted to have found your blog and this post!

  5. Happy to see your comment and thanks for your kindness. I can relate to the incident as well...Niranjan

  6. Happiness is contagious. Each morning while walking to work I put on my biggest smile and say good morning to all those I passed. Those people in turn smile back and say good morning in return. It was like a light that had been long switched off in their faces was turned on again by a simple good morning. I like to think that they said good morning to someone and it went on throughout the day.