Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Governments need to crowd source Actionable Insights

Indian Cities are beginning to crowd source Actionable Information! 

The Road Transport Department (Govt of India) is asking Citizens to take and upload photos of traffic offenders/ wrong parking, for which they get rewarded. BBMP (Bengaluru Civic Agency) has tied up with a FM Station, asking Citizens to report on the non-functioning street lights and are attending to it in a few hours' time. Incredible. Hyderabad City Traffic Police is now crowd sourcing videos of traffic offenders and while the Offenders' Licenses get suspended, the Citizen Journalists get Cash rewards for the information. Too cool. We bash up the Government and the Bureaucracy at the slightest provocation usually. It's only fair that we applaud when they do good work.  Want more. Need more.


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