Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Data Privacy Fears - well founded?

So, we allow Google to track our location. Apparently, Google does track when we don't allow as well. Google knows what we're looking for, and keeps track, so "it can personalize". But it can also use the data in a zillion other ways. We voluntarily give away so much personal data on Facebook, that anyone who wants to peep into our lives, doesn't have to work hard. And now, we have invited strangers over, who're slowly becoming "Family" - Siri, Alexa, Jarvis & Ok Google. What's the chance that they're listening in on conversations, WITHOUT the 'wake word/ gesture'?  What's the chance we're living in the Big Brother/ Big Boss home, and just don't know it yet? The Truman Show, anyone? And we will have more guests over, soon - In living rooms, in cars, in Offices and in bedrooms; who understand gestures, recognise facial emotions and may actually walk about home. This apart, various Intelligence agencies can snoop in, at the snap of a finger, pretty much. Hackers can hack their way into what they please. If you're a believer, God may be watching over us too :) And we fret over Privacy!

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