Monday, October 17, 2011

You are not alone - no matter what!

You are not alone - no matter what. You can never be; not just in the philosophical or "believer" kind of sense.

Firstly, consider the many conflicts we have today, which btw establish that all of us don't think alike, while also noting there aren't always 2 sides to the proverbial coin. That happens in movies and stories, where one doesn't have enough canvas to paint reality OR where a decision is required. Life doesn't give us the switch with "On-Off", but a slider with infinite length and you set your meter to your comfort on all matters. There could be a tolerance range on the slider, beyond which there is disconnect.

Statistics could show that whatever your thought, inclination, intent, idea, feeling or action; there'd be hundreds, if not more, on the planet who've set their slider to the exact point as yours. You are not alone.  It's not that hard to believe any more, given about 7 Billion homo-sapiens tread the earth today. Pretty good chance, that some had this idea on the same day as you. That also explains why the whole city, or atleast it seems that way where I live, shows up the day/ time you go out grocery shopping.

Looking back, whether it was the ancient greek philosophers, Newton's experiments to prove gravity or for that matter, any of the modern inventions; while there are a lot of nay-sayers to the unknown, there were and will be a few believers, some more open than others. Radicals or terrorists, for instance, don't look upon themselves as such and for what we know, there'd be a few sympathizers, some of whom form the available talent pool.

Just imagine, you're 50,000ft above ground and could see thoughts and deeds in distinctive colors (hoping there are as many colors and one is not color-blind); you could match the like-minded and perhaps count too! Survey poll companies would hate this though.

Simply put, "if you did not find anyone agreeing with your point of view, supporting your cause or joining you on the journey; well, you haven't reached out enough yet". In essence, you are not alone; can never be. Now, that already feels good.

What varies though is the number. As long as one figures good from bad (and we're not talking about that now, later maybe), you'd find a lot more people 'with' you when you think/do what tends to be 'right'; and fewer as your scale points in the other direction, that's how it is supposed to be atleast.

So, whether you're afraid of long words like I am (btw, the fear of long words is called "Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia", god bless) OR fancy scaling Mt. Everest in your pajamas (do I see heads nodding here), you are not alone.

Well, the downside is, if you'd really want to un-belong from whatever that is, you'd still be part of the "un-belongers" group, you are not alone!

P.S: And again, I'm hoping a few mates will also like this blog :-)